Combo Spreader

Computer control system

Computer control system

Smart. Accurate. Control.

The all-new SAM computer control system is based on industry proven technology and decades of international experience. It includes:

A clear and user-friendly ISOBUS interface. The Topcon Athene technology has simple and intuitive operation. It is an ISOBUS ICU which means it connects to most modern tractors.

A generous 8 1/2” colour touch screen display. Integrated load cells on the machine continuously measure the weight of product in the spreader. The floor speed is then automatically adjusted on-the-go, to achieve the correct application rates. This advanced control means extra precision. You are getting automatic rate calibration, and gaining maximum value from what you are spreading.

For machines without load cells the system can still be used as a rate controller. Either by using a known product density or selecting the product from a pre-defined list.

Other important spreader functions such as spinner speed control and border control are all simply operated through the touchscreen.

Add a GPS aerial for proof of placement, light bar and field mapping of your jobs. Record all details for improved traceability and record keeping.


Smart Features

  • Large 8 1/2" screen
    Large 8 1/2" screen

  • Integrated load cells
    Integrated load cells

  • Isobus interface
    Isobus interface

  • Spinner speed control
    Spinner speed control

  • Border control

Optional extras

  • GPS aerial for proof of placement
Athene set up 1
GPS aerial for proof of placement

Adding a GPS arial as an add-on ensures you have proof of placement. It also provides lights bar and field mapping of your jobs. This means you can record all relevant details for improved traceability and your record keeping.

You may be able to use your existing GPS aerial if you have one.

Athene set up 1


  • Interface ISOBUS
  • Brand Topcon
  • ICU Athene
  • Screen size 8 1/2"
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Clear, smart and accurate
Excellent for getting the most out of my inputs and helping me nail my record keeping

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