How to look after your SAM Spreader


To ensure your SAM Spreader continues to operate well, here are some maintenance tips we recommend.

  • Keep your machine fairly clean and very well greased.


  • Before each use check: the hydraulic systems for signs of oil leaks or wear, check there is no play in the spinner bearings by lifting up on the spinner discs. Tension the spinner bearings by tightening the large nyloc nut at the top of the spinner shaft (this can be adjusted by undoing the grub screws).


  • After the first ten hours of operation, check all bolts are tight, including the wheel nuts, and spinner discs and vanes.


  • After every five hours of operation all nipples and grease points on the front floor adjusters slides, drawbar jack, clutch pivot bearings, back door jack, hubs and tandem axle pivot points.


  • The front belt should be tensioned with a 40mm sag below the middle of the chassis, with an even curve/sag from front to back.


  • All roller chains should be kept well oiled, particularly during long periods of storage.


  • Use the mesh insert mounted inside the spreader bin for urea. This protects the floor mat and spinner mechanisms from hard lumps.


  • You can also leave in for other products to protect from foreign objects e.g. rocks and wood. If you are having trouble with Urea blocking the back door exit, a sheet of chickenwire with 1.5cm gaps (or similar) can be fixed to the existing mesh grill to act as a sieve.


  • Always ensure tractor oils are kept in excellent condition. Beware when changing a Spreader between different tractors. Pump oil out of the hoses unless they use the same hydraulic oil.


  • If you have load cells, please make sure the bolts are regularly tightened.