Choosing a SAM Fertiliser Spreader

Use the table below to determine the SAM Spreader and Optional Accessories that will best suits your needs.
Model and Options Typical Use
Fertiliser Spreader - Standard Models
400 Wide Mat
SAM Fertiliser Spreaders are capable of spreading all chemical fertiliser, including; superphosphate, urea, lime between 40kg - 3000kg/hectare, with spreading widths up to 22m (Superphosphate).
GPS guidance systems and proof of placement can be integrated with standard SAM Fertiliser Spreaders by purchasing a third party TracMap system
Combo Spreader - Standard Models
800 Wide Mat
SAM Combo Spreaders are capable of spreading chemical fertiliser, including; superphosphate, urea, lime, but will also spread most organic products, chicken and pig manure, screw press cow manure, sand .
GPS guidance systems and proof of placement can be intergrated with standard SAM Fertiliser Spreaders by purchasing a third party TracMap system
Material Agitator
(Combo models only)
Designed to break-up, and crumble organic material to improve the flow from the flow-belt onto the spinner-discs.
This process is ideal for cow, pig, poultry manure, compost etc.  ensuring a consistent flow onto the spinner discs.
Load Weigh Scales Load Weigh Scales give an accurate measure of the weight of fertiliser in the bin and can be zeroed at any time. As standard, a fixed Iconix FX15 display unit is supplied with all Fertiliser Spreaders fitted with Load Weigh Scales. 

A simple calculation of the weight of fertiliser spread, divided by the area covered gives a very accurate spread rate (in kg/ha) this can be used as a check against the required back door setting on the Fertiliser Spreader.

Many new tractors have an inbuilt display that will give area covered at certain spread widths. 
We can supply a Load Weigh Scale Spread Calculator to do this job automatically. The Load Weigh Scales are coupled directly to the calculator set up in the tractor cab. By selecting the spread width the  Spread Calculator constantly works out the spread rate.
Whitehead V3 Computer
The Whitehead V3 Computer control system can be installed in any of our Fertiliser Spreaders to replace the standard ground drive. This controller, in its basic form, keeps the hydraulic driven floor-belt turning in proportion to the forward speed of the Fertiliser Spreader. After setup the V3 controller requires several quick inputs, fertiliser density, spread width and spread rate.

There is a common misconception that a computer driven Fertiliser Spreader will include as standard a GPS display with light bar guidance and proof of placement software. 
These components can be supplied by third party providers (e.g. TracMap, Trimble etc.) but are not usually supplied as a standard part of a computer controlled Fertiliser Spreader. 

GPS guidance systems and proof of placement can be supplied with either a standard ground driven SAM Fertiliser Spreader or with the Whitehead V3 Computer Controller.

If variable rate spreading is required (changing spread rates automatically on the move from uploaded fertiliser mapping) then the the SAM Fertiliser Spreader must be Whitehead V3 Computer Controlled combined with the TracMap Pro or similar GPS


Fertiliser Spreader can travel very slowly while spreading at a very high rate (spreading shavings into sheds etc.)
Can be upgraded by adding a TracMap Pro to provide variable rate spreading, e.g. the desired spread rate changes automatically from one area of a paddock to another.
Fertiliser Spreader can unload without moving forward. 


Tractor must have higher oil flows.
Most suited to operation behind one tractor as the power supply is hard wired.
Operator requires more training.
Electronics fitted on Fertiliser Spreaders require more care.
Higher purchase cost.


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